Kitana Lure - Kitana's Rectal Dream (Asshole fever)


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Kitana Lure appears like a dream, a sexy blonde with big tits, a round ass lavishly clad in lingerie. Her mouth and specially her asshole are a gate for a paradise of unparalleled pleasure. Today's lucky voyager is the hung stud Charlie Deen who along with the anal nymph will deliver a classic of back door sex.

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Anal, Blowjob, Lingerie, Big Dick, Babes, Big Tits, Big Butt, Blonde, One On One, Cumshot

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Charlie Deen


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Kitana Lure - Nimble Fingers

Kitana Lure - Nimble Fingers

7th September - After breakfast, Kitana Lure bids her boyfriend goodbye and, seeking some relaxation, orders a masseuse to drop by and visit. Mr. Masseur soon arrives, and can't believe the beauty of his client. Ms Lure is a real catch, and soon enough, his lust gets the better of his imagination. We step into his minds-eye, and see all the naughty things he would do, if he was the man of the house. But while the masseuse dreams of unleashing his desire until Kitana moans with pleasure, his actual hands get a little loose in real life. Can professional boundaries get crossed in the way he hopes? ...Read More
Kitana Lure - Sunday Rekindling

Kitana Lure - Sunday Rekindling

5th March - It's Sunday morning and last night's party went great. So great in fact that Kitana and her man haven't had time to rekindle before going to bed! Today, they have all the luxurious time they need. They slow down right there in the dinning room, moving into some new anal moves they've recently learned and enjoy. ...Read More
Kitana Lure - Beach Babe Butt-Sex

Kitana Lure - Beach Babe Butt-Sex

17th December - Kitana Lure is one sexy volleyball player, but she has time to take off the sunglasses and go down hard on her friend Toby. She takes his dick deep throat before shoving it between her huge tits. After titty-fucking right on the beach, this couple gets nasty and goes for some serious anal pleasure. This petite busty blonde babe gets pounded in the ass by Toby; they can probably hear her cries of pleasure from across the lake! Watch her grind that bubble butt right on Toby's raging boner - some serious asshole shafting is going on in this scene. ...Read More

Kitana Lure - MILF Kitana Dresses Down

Kitana Lure - MILF Kitana Dresses Down

16th March - Kitana is a busty MILF who loves her lingerie and they men she wears it for. Playing subtly between mirrors and blinds, she arouses our young friend who still isn't quite sure how he got there. Breasts like hers call for the utmost attention, an attention she reciprocates in the form of a generous titty-fuck before his climax on the bed. ...Read More
Kitana Lure - Double Hump Day

Kitana Lure - Double Hump Day

27th March - Young Russian professional Kitana Lure is renown for her multitasking skills. It's babes like her that make hump-day so great! She'll blow and jerk the boys while getting her booty pounded. Being a good team player is important, so go ahead and fill up all her holes. Double-penetration makes for good team-building! ...Read More

Marina Visconti - Lesbians In Black and White, Checking Anus Inside, Provocating Vaginal High Tide - Another Top Class Joint

Marina Visconti - Sindrive

15th September - Marina Visconti and Kitana Lure, one in black, one in white, but both shiny and horny as hell! When these two horse riders find some private space deep in some horse stables they know the best way to spend their time is to get nice and familiar with what's going on between those ass cheeks and by the clit! These beauties bend over and take a spreadin' and fingering, exploring what we all want to fuck and giving us a hell of a show! The legs are spread and the bulbous tits are out, and they're not stopping till they're creaming at the lips! ...Read More
Kitana Lure - It takes two

Kitana Lure - EuroSexParties

27th November - We had the smoking hot Kitana come join us last week. She had a really awesome body with some huge tits and a great ass. Kitana was a real pro and wanted to get right to work on some cocks. She started off with a little masturbation then really went to town when the boys came to party. Don't miss this hot Euro babe getting all her holes filled and begging for more. No one takes cock and double penetration like the Euro girls. Super hot! ...Read More
Kitana Lure - Cum In Her Ass And Get An 'Ass-Squirt Of Jizz' On Track - Naughty Outdoor Fuck Fun ... Full Throttle!!!

Kitana Lure - Sindrive

4th August - The ass action may be nasty but at least these freaks are doing it proud in a beautiful setting! Kitana Lure was just taking a walk through one of the many castles in the Bohemian lands when she came across a stud and a mind for a much more interesting afternoon! All they have to do is pull down those tight jeans and the dick-stickin' can begin, with this anal lover taking it nicely down her back door and getting it spread wide and proud! This freak can't get enough of that outdoor anal in several positions, and she's not stopping until she's squirting that cum right out of her freshly banged asshole! The only thing left to do is putt a butt plug in there and watch her hot ass as she walks away proud of her sluttiness! ...Read More

Marina Visconti - Riding and Rimming: The Course Of Perversion! Pussies, Tits and Awesome Asses. Dirty How We Crack Those Nuts

Marina Visconti - Sindrive

31st July - Equestriennes are a special, dedicated breed, and when three of them come together for any training or riding the pussy heat from the horse riding gets them all horned up and ready to go, and that's exactly what these Euro hotties are up to on this summer day. Marina Visconti, Cindy Loarn, and Kitana Lure love ass as much as horses, and they're gonna make sure they're horse ridden asses are gonna get further served with some fingering and licking, satisfying those rear end delicacies like the dedicated whores they are! If hot asses are your thing, these ladies deliver! ...Read More
Kitana Lure - Hot and ready

Kitana Lure - MikesApartment

3rd December - Renato found another hot Russian needing a place to stay. What choice did he have but to bring her to Mike's Apartment. JJ was in awe from the moment the door opened. Kitana's big bouncing tits and sleek sexy body were hard to look away from. JJ surveyed that body with his camera, as Renato showed her around. After seeing the place, she sate on the couch and spread her legs for a moment as she got comfortable. JJ knew this girl was ready to make a deal for rent, and once he heard that she didn't have much money, it was a go! Kitana gave Renato a seductive lap dance and was soon riding his cock. We had it all in this one. Besides the basic fucking and sucking, Kitana showed us her face fucking and anal skills as well. Renato got all he could before covering her pussy with cum. ...Read More
Marina Visconti - The Forced Reverse Sandwich: Don't Mess With Marina and Kitana! Bitches Make This Cock Rock - Cum Harder!!!

Marina Visconti - Sindrive

2nd October - Just when lesbos Marina Visconti and Kitana Lure were done orgasming a guy catches them in the act and knows he can take the scene to a whole new area of excitement…that is, deep in their throats and deep in one of their assholes, letting her feel what those fingers couldn't get to! Riding away in the stable is what these chicks have long been training to do, and that ass takes it with professional pleasure as they make sure this double team action does that cock right! ...Read More